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About Nailner

At Nailner, we understand that when you suffer from nail fungus you want to get rid of the problem as quickly and conveniently as possible, getting back to having healthy-looking nails.

That’s why Nailner nail fungus treatment products penetrate the nail fast and are clinically tested and proven effective to treat and prevent nail fungus. We offer a range of products where some enhance the nail appearance, with visible results in 7-days, and others disguise the nail fungus with immediate covering of the discolouration.

Whether you want natural or coloured nails, healthier looking nails or just want to treat the infection, Nailner has the product for you.

How long does a treatment last?

The treatment of the infection usually takes 12 weeks, but the new nail must grow out completely, which can take up to 12 months.

When will the nail look nicer?

Unlike many other treatments, Nailner products improve the appearance of the nail quickly or treat and camouflage unsightly looking nails so you can still have healthy, beautiful looking nails whilst treating

Do I need to file my nail for the treatment?

All Nailner products are easy and convenient to apply. They only take 1-2 minutes a day and you do not need to file the nail before applying. 

How do Nailner’s treatments work?

All Nailner products work by penetrating deep into the nail’s keratin layer and lowering the pH level of the infected nail. This creates an unfavourable environment for the fungus which eliminates the infection and prevents it from spreading to other nails and returning. Nailner products also contains a moisturising ingredient to condition and improve the damaged nails. Simply apply the solution with the brush or pen provided and that’s it – and there’s no need to file the nail before application. In clinical studies all patients were cured of nail fungus when using Nailner every day for 12 weeks. Nailner uses ingredients that do not damage the nail and can be used for the treatment, as well as prevention, of nail fungus.

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Nailner treats nail fungus through two crucial actions:

Total saturation of the nail:

Fungi sit not only on the surface of the nail, but throughout the entire nail structure. Nailer penetrates the entire nail and thus effectively eliminates any fungus present. The active ingredients thus treat both the surface and deep in the nail.

Lower PH values ​​to kill the fungus:

Fungi preferably live in an alkaline pH environment, i.e. with a high pH value. They release substances that break down the keratin in the nail and cause visual damage. Nailner contains lactic acid which lowers the pH value and creates an unfavorable environment for fungi to survive.